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Feelmatic App
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Multicontribution is a way to receive content and transform shooted video of private users during an extraordinary event and have, in a few moments, a sequential assembly of what happened.

Full Coverage

An opportunity to multiply the eyes on the world and potentially make anyone become a reporter able to create and share a news in "real time".

Shoot, edit and deliver.

Feelmatic App Feelmatic App Feelmatic App

One single framework to manage the full editorial process, making the job of a professional journalist easier and faster delivering news in real-time.

The Feelmatic Cast platform consists of an application (Feelmatic App) and a management system (Feelmatic Desk) that includes the use of a real control and assembly booth.



A unique feature is the ability to create videos through multi-user and multi-user contributions, involving other "contributors" for the creation of video services.



With a single tool, fully in his hands, the journalist can create their video services: from content creation to post production.



All easily, quickly and efficiently managed, directly from smartphones and tablets iOS and Android to your dedicated (social) platforms.

One platform,
all you need

Feelmatic App Feelmatic App Feelmatic App

Feelmatic App

The Feelmatic App is designed expressly for journalists and videomakers.

Feelmatic App key functionalities:

  • Multicontribution up to 3 devices
  • Professional video editor
  • Personalised Logo & Pre-Roll
  • Event management and creation
  • Publishing on social media

Available for iPhone & Android

Feelmatic Desk Feelmatic Desk

Feelmatic Webdesk

To coordinate the entire editorial flow, Feelmatic provides the editorial staff with a dedicated environment: a Webdesk interface and the Cloud to store and manage video productions.

Currently, the Webdesk allows to:

  • Create different Channels
  • Add the Reporter
  • Create Events
  • View and download completed videos
  • Online Webdesk editor

Specific features

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. After a few years and lazy dog became a fox and the brown fox became a white dog.
Christina Williams
Christina Williams

Speech to text

By converting the video’s speech to a text + timestamps form, complex, extremely fast searches on the audio content of a video allows the development of additional services

Christina Williams
Christina Williams

Live streaming

Peer to peer (P2P) live streaming is available on the platform to allow journalists to broadcast live whenever required by the newsroom.

Christina Williams
Christina Williams

Webdesk editor

It is an online editor available on Feelmatic Desk, our prefered browser choice is Chrome. The same easy to use editing functionalities of Feelmatic App are available to guarantee one and only user experience.

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